Sunday, March 08, 2009


March 2018 UPDATE:  So much has happened in the past years I was away from this beautiful place.  So many have discovered the beauty of this place since I first posted this 11 years ago. It's now a thriving resort community thanks to paved roads all the way to the beach (23 Kilometers of it!) from the National Road courtesy of DOTR. Please come visit!

(photo: osmena beach front, just in front of barangay captain's house)

This place really has a stronghold not only on me but on all of us who have been there. What keeps us coming back? Maybe its the memory of all that fresh seafood? Or the simple life of the fisherfolk. Or the increadibly beautiful powdery-white sand and clear waters? Perhaps its the affable locals we have now come to regard as dear friends. Truly it is a blessing for us to meet such wonderful folk as Leon Bobis (contact# 09075183062) and family. It amazes me how they keep smiling through all their strife and even this last hardship of loosing their home to the most recent typhoon.

Our last foray into the sleepy town of Dasol was, of course, pleasantly relaxing. This time a friend of mine brought some of his photo-buddies from flickr and had a great time taking images of the place.

This time
we went to Dasol via SLEX, Luisita Exit, then onto Alaminos then to
Dasol. We were able to cut travel time by almost half because we were able to travel very fast on that road to Alaminos.

, we were able to sleep at one of the huts instead of our tents. It took away some of that "outdoor" experience but it did not diminish our enjoyment of Tambobong in the least. I slept like a baby on their cool bamboo floor.

We discovered something new in Tambobong this time.

A fresh water pool inside a hidden cave not far from the beach. According to the locals, this used to be a very famous source of fresh water for this area and the waters purportedly contain healing properties. I noticed that despite the evindence of people bathing here, the waters remain crystal clear. This means that the waters are constantly being renewed by a network of springs and canals.

I went back to Balinmanok Wreck and noticed an increase in marine life. I saw several hundreds of different types. There were even three huge ones, about 3-kilos each, but I failed to classify them. The waters were clear and cool so some of us can't help diving into the inviting waters from atop the wreck. I'm glad to see our companions enjoying themselves and taking a break from their picture taking.

One can go beach-hopping for days here and won't run out of beautiful venues. I'd love to stay at least a week in this peaceful place and sit on its beaches, just sipping cold beer and thinking of nothing in particular. Someday....

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