Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Potipot Island, Zambales

More endings, more changes... its true nothing is more constant than change. Trying to stop it is like trying to stop the tides. I'm sure everyone at some point has
tried building a ditch to stop the water from eroding your sand castle. Eventually the water just washes everything away with the tides. One season ends to begin another. Here in Tokyo spring will soon give way to summer. Days are becoming longer and warmer. Winds of change are blowing. Already I hear sporadic cicada songs which signal the coming of long hot summer days.

I can't wait to get back to Manila. Hopefully I can still catch the hastily waning summer sun before its completely lost to the fast approaching rainy season. I did enjoy a few days of sun and sand before going on this business trip to Tokyo. Me and some of the students went to an island in Zambales called Potipot Island. Owen was kind enough to drive so I could navigate. None of us have ever been there as I just saw it on google earth and just kept googling until I got what info was available on the topic. I brought my laptop, my trusty garmin gps and we headed off to the unknown. Thank god for google earth. It is such a nifty tool and I've been discovering so many places because of it. Just look around for a nice island with white sand bordering it and get on your car and go!

Its funny because one of the students actually had a friend who lived in Zambales.
More amazing was the fact that he lived in Masinloc which is really close to our target island. Without much adeu we kidnapped him, stuffed him in the already packed car and proceeded to look for a good place to park the car overnight. We brought camping gear you see and planned to camp on the island. Its a big risk because as none of us has ever been there, much less ever been in zambales, we didn't even know of what dangers await or if they even allow camping on that tiny island. The only thing I do know is that the sand is soft, white and water is clear and thats enough for me.
I got a kubo in this great resort called Isla Vista which is directly in front of Potipot Island. In my opinion, it's really the best among all the neighboring resorts in Candelaria. Don't ever go to Dawal and the 3 neighbor resorts - terrible noise and everything is cemented. Parang manila rin -sus naman?!
If you want to read more then visit Potipot Island Zambales Part1 and Part 2 to see more details and pictures there. I think what I like most about Potipot is that it was an unexpected pleasure. We all did some swimming at night. The water was so calm I thought I was in a pool. There was a time all of us just took deep breaths and lied down on the water - just floating there looking at a zillion trillion stars in silence. The moonlight washing our faces with its soft glow and throwing sharp reflections of random light on the sandy floor below. Thinking back on that now I believe those were one of those rare moments that commit themselves to one's memory - to be recalled during those times when nothing seems to be going right. Who would have known such a beautiful island existed here in Zambales? I overheard some of the visitors to the island say "still nicer in Bora". 'Was probably some spoiled kid on a temporary moment of frugality... I mean... holy crap man ?! You can bring your family down here and have a truly great beach experience for less than half what it would cost for one person to go to Boracay. Besides, I have this theory on the beaches I go to. They are like apples and oranges, both fruits but you really cannot compare them. Every place is different... best enjoyed for what they are.

(all photos taken by Francis Atendido, Potipot Island Zambales, 2006/04/8-9, Panasonic Lumix FZ-20, 1st pic:friend Joven from Masinloc at IslaVista kubo, 2nd pic: CD and boatman en route to Potipot, 3rd pic:George at Potipot twilight, 4th pic:camp the next day, 5th pic:J.R. and clear calm waters of Potipot beach april 9, 2006)


kat said...

I know this is an old post of yours, but I just came home from vacation (my family is from Candelaria) and out of curiosity I did a quick search about Potipot. Been there only once, but I've known about it all my life. Nothing to do there really, but if you want to relax and swim in peace (no crowds!), it's definitely a good spot to visit. :)

demeter said...

Thanks for visiting kat. I hope you go and visit Potipot again. Having nothing to do there is actually a big plus and the main allure of the place ;)

bothered soul said...

my friends and i are planning to go there by the end of may. i really have no idea whats in store for us there,and we have a tight budget, i just hope that the place is really worth it. ^_^

demeter said...

sorry for not posting more details. potipot is a great place to go as you get more value for your money. be sure to bring lots of ice and drinks. arrange a boat to bring you there and pick you up the next day for PhP450 pesos. please visit my other site for more details on costs and transfers.

Boracay Resorts said...

Ano pa po bang maganda dito s island?

ian l said...

wow looks beautiful sir!
hope to see that in the future!