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Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Anawangin Cove, Zambales Jan, 2008

Its been a while since I updated this travel blog. Not that I've stopped travelling but because I just can't find the time to organize both my thoughts and the images I took. Besides, things have been really crazy lately especially with my moving to a new house and the usual year-end schedules. I've been to a number of interesting places but I'll start with the most recent one since its what is most fresh in my mind. Anawangin cove.

(photo: Capones Island and Pundaquit shore)

I noticed this cove back in 2005 while looking for places to go. The cove looked promising even at low res then. It looked even better when they upgraded the image to hi-res! One could clearly see a couple of lakes and what clearly were not coconut trees.

Google Earth lists a different name for the cove, something like Galaguagin Cove?... but I can't recall it right now. The cove lies just a bit south of Pundaquit, Zambales.

(photo: Pundaquit resort tables where we slept while waiting for dawn. The boatman, Mang Vic, let us use it for free. Call him at +639297170739 to reserve. Also, there's parking available! see rightmost image, you can see a car parked at the back)

Unsure about parking, we decided to go there by bus. To get the most out of the weekend, we left manila on the 11pm Victory liner bus from Caloocan.

Our itinerary looked like this...

開始: 2008/01/12
終了: 2008/01/13
場所: Bgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales

Day 1 - January 11 Friday

1030 PM Assembly Victory Liner Caloocan
1130 PM ETD San Antonio, Zambales via Iba-bound Bus

Day 2 - January 12 Saturday

0230 ETA San Antonio, Zambales/ board trike to Bgy. Pundaquit
- eat some goto sa gotohan dun sa kanto
0330 ETA Pundaquit, Zambales, makitulog sa resort ni manong
0730 Board banca to Anawangin, side trip to Capones Island
- can't get to the lighthouse kasi low tide, balik ulit bukas
0900 Arrived at Anawangin Cove/ Set Camp, tulog ulit?
1230 LUNCH
1900 DINNER and Socials

Day 3 - January 13 Sunday

0630 Wake Up/ Prepare Breakfast
0800 Swimming Swimming Explore Explore
1300 Break Camp
1400 Board boat for Capones Island
- took pics of lighthouse
1530 Leave Capones for Bgy. Pundaquit
- get a tricyle to SanAntonio
1630 Get regular bus to Olongapo Victory Liner
1800 Depart for Manila (victory liner olongapo)
2130 Arrived at Balintawak


1) Bring goggles and/or your snorkel set!
2) Bring a hammock, if you have one
3) Secure provisions before the trip. Remember, there's no electricity in
the area :)
4) There's a water source at the campsite that's good for cooking and
washing. Bring drinking water though.
5) The last bus at Victory Caloocan leaves at 11:30PM so DON'T BE LATE!!!
6) bring a thin blanket. VERY USEFUL sa bus and in the tent


P219.00 x 2 = Bus from Pasay to San Antonio, Zambales and back
P40.00 x 2 = Tricycle from Bgy Pundaquit and back
P1800.00/5 people = Round trip boat fare plus 2 side trips to Capones
P300.00 = Food and Provisions

Estimated Budget: 438 + 80 + 360 + 300 = P 1,178 pesos@pax

We arrived at San Antonio before 3am. Tricycle drivers IMMEDIATELY approached us and offered a ride to Pundaquit. DO NOT agree to their 100@tricycle offer and insist on 80pesos only. We were a group of 5 so we had to get two tricycles.

BUT FIRST... kain muna tayo ng GOTO!

Hindi masyadong malasa yung goto pero mainit naman. And remember, this was at 3am. Meron din fried rice and sisig so chibog muna kami lahat.

While eating, I found out that the market does not open until 7am. I was surprised and asked why since I am used to Balintawak Market which opens at 4am - ang sagot? "Eh wala ka naman sa Maynila eh!" - fine... mga tamad ang tao sa probinsiya. And I always thought these people woke up early... baka napupuyat din kaka DOTA? not...

Anyway, in a pinch, I agreed to giving the tricycle driver some money to get supplies for us while we take a little nap in pundaquit. I gave the guy 700 pesos to get a few kilos of pork, a 5 gallon mineral water, some rekados, charcoal, ice and kerosene. The chap was nice enough to lend us his icebox!

He brought us to Pundaquit and introduced us to our boatman Mang Vic(+639297170739). The regular small boats(1.2k balikan) could probably hold 4 small people with a few gear but not 5 huge guys with 2days worth of supplies and equipment. We settled on 1.8k for rental of his big boat with a trip to Capones Island on the side. Pretty good deal I think. It's certainly a lot cheaper than what those bancas in Anilao would charge.

As expected, the tricycle driver ran late and arrived past 7am already. We visited Capones Island but was not able to go the farside because of the low tide. We just walked around the shore and took some pictures before traversing the 6kilometers or so trip to Anawangin cove from there.

(photo: Capones Island, east side. Notice the strange rock formations, leftmost photo)

I was stunned by the beauty and tranquility of Anawangin cove.
Not only was it cool because of the pine tree forest, the scenery was fantastic. The water, although painfully lacking in marine life and corals, was calm, clear and comfortable. PLUS your eyes are treated to this wonderful encompassing view of the hills and tree forrest.

(photo: setting up camp, checking supplies)

I setup my hammock, mixed a cold alcoholic drink and relaxed. No sound but the wind and the sea - THIS IS THE LIFE!

The next day we decided to go and find the water source at the base of the mountains. I thought it was about half a kilometer from the camp but in reality it was about 3 kilometers east of the campsite. Needless to say we gave up before we found this water source. The local Aeta we met, mang danny, was friendly enough to guide one of our lost companions to safety and confirm its existence. He also helped avert danger by bringing our attention to the numerous snakes that came across our way.

(photo: river ran through this, careful! Watch out for snakes ! -rightmost image)

(photo: nice toilet, friendly native, poso!)

Anawangin cove is unique in that it has both fresh water lake river and saltwater shore side by side. The small hills that surround are safe and ideal for climbing. The scenery it offers after the climb is often too much a reward for the effort.

We packed our stuff and headed to the lighthouse at Capones island for some quick pics. Then off we went back to our insignificant lives in Manila. All in all another excellent vacation!

(photo: capones island light house, gate and final farewell to pundaquit shores)

More images of Anawangin here ALLAN'S FLICKR
and more stories here ALLAN'S BLOG


enigma said...

glad to have you back Shachou.

demeter said...

thanks wic, if you haven't visited this yet punta ka. You won't regret. Just don't go during holy week. Maraming tao dun for sure.

cedsaid said...

I was there just this weekend. Nice narrative you got. Anawangin sure is something else, although it is changing rapidly.

demeter said...

thank you Ced. I hope to read about your weekend experience in your blog soon.

chicoi said...

hi, really nice post :) would really like to get to visit the place already so, we're braving the possible crowds and will be going this holy week :) question though, do they rent out tents there and where do you eat while at the beach? :D thanks!

demeter said...

hello chicoi, thank you for your comments. unfortunately they don't rent out tents. You should invest in a good tent because it beats the alternative (hotels, cottages) in price and convenience. Try this

If you are one of the first groups to arrive, you could be able to avail of a table and benches. However, since its peak season, you will have to content yourself to eating on the beach, sitting down on the sand. There are no mess halls in the cove. Bring along a good sized trapal (plastic sheet) available at any market for about 150pesos (3meters x 5meters). You can use this as a picnic blanket and siesta papag as well.

vanguada said...


we're looking for some place to do some photoshoot po sana and heard about this area. Could you give us some suggestions po or contact person para we could arrange transfers sana from one place to another.

Maraming Salamat po.

-- Ayie

demeter said...

Ayie, I've written the contact number of the boatman in the blog, si Mang Vic. Its (+639284537121). I believe he owns or partly owns one of the resort din and you can park sa house niya. Good luck sa photoshoot :) !

vanguada said...

Thanks! Just wondering if there are a someone else in charge for some other trips, say Putipot & Capones. Anyway, maraming salamat po, will contact Mang Vic. :D

demeter said...

You can pass by Capones on your way to Anawangin Cove. Just ask Mang Vic to include that in the fee. As for Potipot, I hear good reviews of Alta Niña Resort. Manager is Manong Noel and you can call him at 09189265373. You can stay at the resort and do a daytrip to potipot. Be sure to leave very early. Boat ride will be arranged by the resort manager. Its cheap, about 400 pesos back/forth na. To the Island.

Anonymous said...

hi, just got here by a link. thanks for a very well-written and extremely (not just "very" :) informative article! tapos hindi pa overexploited touristy place. if only more (pinoy) travel blogs were like yours. :D please do keep posting!


demeter said...

Why thank you Keishiko! I'm really glad you found it useful. I hope these articles make it a little easier for you to visit these places.

estan said...

looks like a really wonderful place. i should visit these sometime this year.

demeter said...

hello estan! I'm an admirer of your site. I think this loop project you have is fantastic! Please keep posting and do visit anawangin before its too commercialized. I suggest the little-known Tambobong as your next destination too. Just tell me if you need to contact some locals and I'll give you contact numbers.

Anonymous said...

hi! naghahanap po kami ng mapupuntahan na beach this coming May, and i stumbled upon your blog and it was very useful and informative! napa-wow nalang ako hehe. it would definitely make our visit easier and memorable! thanks so much!


demeter said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Vanya. Sana ma enjoy mo ang anawangin. Its now a little different dahil dun sa forrest fire na ginawa ng isang careless "mountaineering group" (sigarilo daw). Part of the cove is now cordoned off and you can only camp on it if you pay the 150peso per head fee. Otherwise, 50pesos pa rin per head ang fee. Expect a lot of campers kasi peak season na ngayon. Good luck on your trip/vacation!

trx said...

hi, sir!

we went here a week ago and you're right, Anawangin is very promising and truly so pristine! i love capones island also for its crushed corals instead of sand in the beach! i'm just frustrated by the vandalism that abound in the area. sana, the local gov't would look into the preservation of these amazing places in Zambales. sayang!

thanks for a very informative post about Anawangin and Capones. can i link you to my blog for everyone's perusal also? God bless! :)

pls. feel fee to visit my site also...

demeter said...

Hello trx! Yes, please feel free to link me. Its good that you enjoyed Anawangin. The vandalism in Capones is sad yes. All we can do is our own little part like bringing it to the attention of the local barangay and mentioning our dismay and/or suggestions to the boatmen. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Behind the Beauty of Anawangin

Holy week,..long weekend ng March, nagkasundong mag out-of-town ang sampung magbabarkada. Ang napiling lugar, Anawangin. Para medyo malayo naman sa polusyon ng Maynila at ma-relax naman ang mga utak mula sa araw-araw na stress ng opisina. A week before pa lang nakapagpa-reserve na kami ng tickets sa bus, seat # 1 to 10 pa nga kami,ganun ka-excited. Wednesday 12midnight ang byahe namin, mabilis at maluwang naman ang kalsada kaya alas-tres pa lang ng madaling araw ng huwebes nasa SanAntonio na ang grupo. Ang San Antonio ay isang bayan sa Zambales na jump-off para papuntang Anawangin.
Madilim pa ng mga oras na yun kaya tambay muna kami sa plaza ng San Antonio, kwentuhan at kulitan muna habang nagpapa-umaga para makabili sa palengke ng iba pang madadalang pagkain, habang ang iba’y nakikipag-negotiate na ng tricycle patungong Pundakit (shoreline para maka-arkila ng bangka patungong Anawangin. Very entertaining ang mga tricycle drivers (dahil kikita nga naman sila sa amin), halos lahat nag-aagawan para lang kontratahin sila, nakilala Ko dun si Kodz, siya yung pinili namin kasi siya yung mukhang mas informative, yung iba halatang pera lang ang habol. Ayon kay Kodz lagi siyang naghahatid dun, marami na rin daw siyang suking manilenyo at labing-isang beses na daw siyang nakapunta sa Anawangin mismo. Sa tagal ng kwentuhan namin wala siyang nababanggit na delikado o sakunang pangyayari sa lugar, pawang kagandahan lang ng lugar, binigay pa nga niya yung cell number niya para ma-text ko raw siya kung pupunta uli kami dun.

Mga 15 minutes from San Antonio to Pundakit, pagdating dun negotiate na kami ng bangka, nakilala namin si Vic, isang bangkero sa Pundakit, wala kaming ibang usapan kundi kung magkano ang kontrata sa kanya at kung kailan kami muli susunduin mula Anawangin.
Around 7am nasa Anawangin na kami, hanap agad ng magandang camp area sa gitna ng matataas na pine trees, di ko ikakaila na maganda ang lugar, tahimik at relaxing. Habang nag-aayos kami ng mga gamit at nagpi-pitch ng mga tents, lumapit ang isang ale sa amin, maganda ang ngiti at mukhang mabait, malumanay ang boses niya ng sinabi niyang siya ang caretaker ng isla, siya daw si Aling Ligaya. Umalis saglit at bumalik na may kasama pang isang babae, buhat nila ang isang maayos na papag na gawa sa kawayan, binaba nila sa gitna ng area namin at sinabing patungan daw ng mga pagkain o anumang gamit. Sabay alis, walang ibang sinabi kung may bayad man yun o wala, pero napagtanong namin sa mga katabi naming naka-camp na dun na P50 per head at per day daw.
Habang nag-aayos ang grupo may mga nagluluto na ng pancakes for breakfast, set na din ng tripod ng camera at picture taking na agad, halatang sabik ang isat-isa sa muling pagsasama ng tropa, matagal na rin kasing walang get-together dahil puro busy sa trabaho at kayod talaga para sa mga magagandang plano sa pamilya.

After breakfast excited na ang lahat lumublob sa dagat, kanya-kanyang labas na ng mga snorkel, goggles, vest at fins, makikita sa mukha ng bawat isa ang excitement na i-enjoy at i-explore ang lugar. Di alintana ng lahat ang lamig ng tubig basta sige lublob, kwentuhan, tawanan, halos wala ring pahinga ang mga digicams sa kakakuha ng pictures. Enjoy ang lahat, walang kj, lahat nakangiti, nakatawa, masayang-masaya ang tropa, ang tropa na walang ibang hangarin kundi ang i-appreciate ang ganda ng Anawangin.
Kinagabihan, set-up na ng lamp, habang nagluluto ng dinner ang ilan, nakapalibot naman ang iba sa kamustahang kwentuhan, bumangka si Mel, tropa ko since college na arkitekto na, bumanat na naman siya ng mga magic tricks niya kasama ang isa pang tropa na lagi niyang nililibang, kami naman kahit bilib sa ginagawa niya di na lang naming pinapahalata. Natatandaan ko pa nun na nagbilin ako ng pasalubong kay Mel kasi naka-line up na siya sa opisina nila na pupuntang Hawaii. Natapos ang gabing yun sa malalakas na tawanan at masasayang kwentuhan.

Kinabukasan, Biyernes Santo. Snorkling uli ang ilan sa tropa, explore uli sa islang may magagandang corals at makukulay na isda, halos di mo mamamalayan ang oras sa sobrang pagkalibang.
Pagdating ng Lunch time, sabay nagsalu-salo ang buong tropa sa pagkain, pagkatapos yung iba umidlip sa pagkapagod. Bandang hapon ng nagkayayaan yung apat pa naming kasama na mag-swimming uli, dalawa sa kanila ang naka-vest kasama si Gwen, girlfriend ni Mel. Di naming akalaing may naghihintay na sakuna para sa kanila ng mga panahon na yon. Habang nagpapahinga kami sa camp site, bandang alas-kwatro ng hapon, nagulantang ang katahimikan dahil sa pagdating ng isang kasama nila Mel galing sa dagat, tumatakbo’t hinihingal habang sinasabing “nalunod si……nalunod si……”…..di pa man din siya tapos sa sinasabi niya agad naming dinampot yung natitirang vest at snorkel, dahil sa pagka-intindi naming nalulunod pa lang siya ng mga panahong yon. Hinihingal sa pagkakatakbo ng pagdating namin sa lugar, marami ng nakapalibot na tao. Pagpasok ko sa loob, nakita ko ng umiiyak si Gwen sa tabi ni Mel. Si Mel walang malay at langtang gulay habang sini-cpr ng dalawang lalaking di namin kilala, yung ibang kasama naming nangontrata na ng bangka para madala agad si Mel sa hospital.
Habang nasa bangka kahit walang malay patuloy naming kinakausap si Mel at pinipisil ang mga daliri sa kamay at paa niya. Halos paliparin ng bangkero ang bangka laban sa mga malalakas na alon ng hapon na yun. Bawat minuto parang ga-oras ang tagal ng byahe namin dahil sa layo. Tinatanong naming ang diyos kung bakit, mabait naman si Mel, mabuting anak sa pamilya niya, matulungin sa tropa, kwento pa nga ng girlfriend niya may ipon siya para sa pagpapatayo ng bahay para sa nanay niya, marami pa siyang gagawin….bakit si mel?

Pagdating ng Pundakit, ang daming tao pero kakaunti ang nagkukusang tumulong, kailangan mo pang murahin para tulungan ka sa pagbuhat. May nurse na lalaking lumapit he knows cpr daw, kaya bomba uli kami kay mel habang hinihintay yung ambulansya na pinatawag ng pulis na nakatalaga dun. Ilang minuto din bago dumating yung ambulansya. Kinailangan pa naming buhatin ang mabigat na katawan ni mel papunta sa gate ng resort para maisakay siya sa ambulansya, tantsa ko nasa 20 meters din ang layo. Dun namin na-realize na ganun kalayo ang tatahakin sa tuwing magkakaroon ng sakuna sa Anawangin.

Pagkarga kay Mel sa ambulansya, salpak agad ng driver ng oxygen kay mel, akala naming magiging ok na ang lahat, tsaka namin nalaman na ibabyahe pa sa kabilang town (San Marcelino), dahil wala raw hospital sa San Antonio,..Ang tanong, Bakit walang hospital sa San Antonio?
Ang nagpapalakas ng loob namin ay yung maayos pa ang kulay ni Mel at may pulso pa siya , alam namin na aabot siya kung madadala lang agad sa Ospital. Pero sadyang ayaw makisama ng tadhana ang tagal na naman ng byahe namin bago makarating sa Ospital. Pagdating sa San Marcelino Hospital, ilang minuto lang ng mailipat si Mel sa kama ng ospital, dun na sinabi ng duktor na din na niya kinaya…wala na si Mel..Ganun kabilis ang pangyayari..Di man katanggap-tanggap.

Pagsunod ng ibang kasama namin sa San Marcelino Hospital, dun namin sila nakausap tungkol sa pangyayari. Ayon kay German, (isa sa apat na magkakasama), tahimik at mababaw ang tubig, umabot man ng ilang metro mula sa pampang ang babaw pa rin daw. Nung nagsi-swimming sila, medyo may distansiya si Mel sa tatlong kasama, nagulat na lang sila ng biglang nagpupumiglas at sumisigaw si Mel na para bang may puwersang humihila sa kanya na sadyang di niya makayanang labanan. Magaling lumangoy si Mel, at lalong hindi siya lasing, wala sa sampung magkakasama ang nakainom, kaya nagtataka sila kung bakit di niya magawang makalangoy. Sumaklolo si German pero paglapit niya kay Mel di niya akalaing ganun kalakas ang pwersa ng current sa ilalim ,gayung tahimik naman ang tubig ng lumusong sila. Parang may halimaw sa ilalim na gutom sa pagkuha ng buhay ng tao.,..di kinaya ni German kaya pinilit nilang makaahon agad para makahingi ng tulong. May sumaklolo pero di rin nagtagumpay na masagip si Mel, nung may pangalawang sumaklolo tsaka lang daw nakuha si Mel na wala ng malay. Ganun daw ang pangyayari. Paano pala kung walang kusang tumulong?..malamang pati katawan ng biktima ay din a makuha.

Walang “Danger” signs sa paligid,..wala ring Lifeguard,..wala ring salbabida man lang na pwede mong ibato sa nalulunod. Para saan yung sinisingil ng caretaker ng isla?...ano lang ba yung maglagay man lang sana ng signs para aware ang mga tao na ganun pala ka-delikado sa lugar nila. Hindi kapakanan ng mga campers ang priority ng caretaker. Lahat ng ganda ng Anawangin ay nabura dahil sa pangyayaring yon, wala ka ng proteksiyon sa isla ang layo pa ng hospital na pagdadalhan sayo kung may sakuna.
Sabi pa ng isang nurse sa hospital na nakausap namin, di lang minsan may ganung pangyayari, dati daw may pamilya pang nalunod, meron din daw isang case na swimmer pa yung nalunod, Puro dayo daw yung mga nagbubuwis ng buhay, halos taun-taon daw. Bakit di man lang nababalita?..maging sa internet walang ibang balita kundi kagandahan ng lugar.. Kaya pala tahimik lang ang mga locals, mga tricycle drivers at mga bangkero dun, kasi pag kinuwento nga naman nila masisira ang hanapbuhay nila. Hanapbuhay nilang pagsasakripisyo ng buhay ng ibang tao.

Kung mahal mo ang kaibigan mo o pamilya mo, huwag mong ilapit sa mapanuksong ganda ng Anawangin, marami pang ibang magandang lugar. Gawin nating si Mel na ang huling biktima, at sigurado akong ikatutuwa ni Mel na makatulong tayo sa ibang tao na malayo sa sakuna. “Don’t be a victim behind the beauty of Anawangin!!”

At para sa’yo Mel, ang pagdarasal namin para sa Mapayapang Paglalakbay. Habang-buhay kang nasa puso namin. May you Rest in Peace.


Sa pangyayaring naganap ng araw na iyon, maisip sana ng mga taong nakapaligid sa Anawangin na hindi lang pera ang importante sa buhay ng tao, hindi lamang ang kikitain nila ang una nilang isipin at sa bawat sentimong mahahawakan nila galing sa mga dayuhan sa kanilang lugar ay may kapalit ding pwedeng mangyari sa mga mahal nila sa buhay.  Huwag nyong hintaying balikan kayo ng tadhana at gantihan kayo ng kalikasan, huwag nyong hintaying singilin din kayo kapalit ng mga buhay na nawala dahilan sa inyong kapabayaan.  Napakasakit mawalan ng mahal sa buhay, at sana ang buhay na ibinuwis ni Mel ang maging paraan upang mabuksan ang mga mata ng sambayanan na hindi nakikita sa ganda ng lugar ang kaligtasan ng bawat isa.  Maganda mang tignan ang lugar ng Anawangin, pero may multong nakatago sa gandang nakikita natin.  Huwag na po nating pabayaang may madagdag pa sa mga buhay na nawala sa lugar na iyan, huwag nyo pong isapalaran ang inyong mga buhay!  Magandang pakikisama ng mga nagpapatakbo at nangangalaga ng Anawangin lalo na ni Aling Ligaya hindi po matutumbasan ng buhay na lalamunin pa ng isla ng Anawangin!!!!!

Mel, maraming salamat sa iyong kabaitan hindi mo pa man oras ngunit kailangan naming tanggapin ang katotohanang binawi ka na ng Maykapal.  Marami ka ng taong natulungan, marami ka ng mapasayang tao, mahirap man sa amin pero kailangan mo ng tumuloy sa iyong pupuntahan.  Alam kong nasa tabi ka ng Diyos na Maykapal, at alam kong magiging masaya ka dyan.  Huwag mo na kaming alalahanin dahil binigyan mo na kami ng mga alaalang hindi namin malilimutan, napakabait mong kapatid, tito at lalong lalo na bilang anak sa mga magulang natin.  Humayo ka na at matahimik sa kandungan ng Panginoong Diyos.  Maraming maraming salamat kapatid ko!!!! Mahal na mahal ka namin!!!!

Sister of Melvin

demeter said...

Our hearts go out to Michaela. Anawangin started out as a camper's getaway but now it has become a true tourist destination and must be treated that way. We cannot expect lifeguards at this time since there are no official resorts on the cove, however, the owner(s) are earning considerable revenue and SHOULD have put up danger signs in that zone. Our deep condolences to you and your family.

demeter said...

Update, Mang Vic's cellno has changed. I have updated this blog. Many thanks to the kind soul who posted the new number!

Anonymous said...

Take extra precaution na lang. Been there at dapat siguro alam mo kung saan yung delikadong lugar. If you're facing the sea, ang delikadong lugar eh yung bandang hiking area part. So sa left side yun. Kasi nga daw unpredictable yung lugar na yun. Biglang lumalalim eh. So pinakasafe eh yung right portion facing the sea. Tip lang po.

demeter said...

Yes thats true. bukod sa malalim, madalas ang malakas na undercurrent which can snatch unwary swimmers and drag them down.

kumrad_kaypee said...

bro ganda ng lugar na pinuntahan nyo salamat sa idea pina plano na namin ngayn puntahan yan. kung may mga interested nman sa diving, shooting, hunting, visit my site

kaypee subido feel free to ask anything tutulong at sasamahan ko kyo my email thanks bro more power and God bless

demeter said...

Thanks Kaypee. Diver ka din pala. I hope you enjoy your visit to this beautiful cove. Cheers!

gladys said...

hi i just wanna ask if LIBOT is like a group of traveller. if ever can I join in this group?

gladys said...

hi i just wanna ask if LIBOT is like a group of traveller. if ever can I join in this group?

Tim said...

hi there! ask ko lang if yon pa rin number ni mang vic?? and pwede ba mag park dun..plan kasi nman magdala ng car. safe ba?

thank you!

elijah said...

ask ko lang if ever punta kami anawangin, pwede ba kame magpasundo ng umaga as early as 3am para we can go back to work on monday?tnx.

demeter said...

Dear Glady's. LIBOT represents the travels done but not always with the same group. We don't have a regular agenda, but we target places that are not commercialized. Give me your email and I'll inform you of upcoming events. Cheers

demeter said...

Dear Tim, the last knows number of Mang Vic was the one I posted. I'll post if he changed once I myself find out. cheers!

demeter said...

Dear Elijah,

NO PROBLEM yung 3am. They actually prefer that para di nagsasabay sabay. Just tell your bankero what time you want to be picked up. Cheers!

jeff said...

I made a video blog about my ANAWANGIN TRIP.. I hope this one would help.. or visit nalang my website if you have questions...

Tim said...

Many thanks! your blog really help me going to Anawangin.. I also met Mang Vic. He's still using the same number. The place is awesome!

demeter said...

@jeff -- WOW, great video blog man??! keep it up!!!

@Tim - glad to hear that this blog helped you. Keep visiting our beautiful beaches. Next stop tambobong naman?! hehe

Tim said...

Hi Sir, update lang for the new number ni Mang Vic. It's 09297170739. Just went to Nagsasa Cove last week. Hopefully, next stop would be Tambobong sir.


demeter said...

Hello Tim! You did? Thats great! I hope you and your group enjoyed your stay at Nagsasa. How is Mang Ador? Is his wife all better now?

BTW, Re:CP# of Mang VIC... I noticed you gave the same number as what I have already. 09297170739 is the number that I also wrote above (main blog).

rich said...

just got there in anawangin last saturday,kasagsagan ng tsunami scare sa buong mundo..but ok naman ang dagat sa pundaquit.we were updated by our boatman,kuya jay-r na pwede magbangka.and it all went well..sobrang saya kasi medyo konti lang ang pumunta kaya medyo sarili namin ang buong cove.hahahh.i texted kasi mang vic pero hindi siya nagreply kaya naghanap kami ng boatman..fortunately,nakilala namin si kuya jay-r thru net and very mabait and maasikaso din siya as well.nagpaluto pa kami ng food namin sa misis niya at naghiram ng utensils..super enjoy kami!hey,ito pala number ni kuya for some infos na rin:09173809104.

demeter said...

@rich - thanks so much for the update.another blogger named leslie mentioned something about Jay-r din.How much ang banka niya and ilan ang capacity? Can you give us more info? Salamat

Anonymous said...

we're planning to go there tomorrow..pero ng mabasa ko ang comment ni anonymous..nakakatakot naman..but we should still try it..extra ingat na lang talaga salamat na lang din nalaman ko ang mga information sa inyo..may nag paparent na ba ng tent ngayon don???

demeter said...

@anonymous - if you are referring to the riptide at the right corner of the cove, just use precaution. malayo ito sa shore and only the very adventurous go there. This is a danger present in all our beaches po. The problem is people do not realize that the sea is unpredictable, full of dangers. However, its perfectly safe as long as you exercise the correct precautions. If you are caught in a riptide, DO NOT FIGHT it. Mapapagod ka lang and run out of strength, and then air. Go with the flow, it will release you eventually out into the sea, then gradually go back. Anawangin forms a protective cove, dun lang sa labas ang strong currents. Just stay within the cove and you will be fine.
Regarding the tent rental, I have not heard of it yet. I think its best if you can bring one of your own. Maraming tents ngayon that are good quality and cheap lang. Invest in a good tent so you can use it over and over again sa mga outings ninyo. Thanks and have fun!

dindo said...

Hello to everyone, Just wanted to share about the new standard boat rate in pundaquit san antonio zambales.

SMALL BOAT….(max of 4 pax)balikan
Pundakit to CAMARA island = P700
Pundakit to CAPONES = P1,000
Pundakit to Annawangin = P1,000
Pundakit to Talesayen = P1,500
Pundakit to Nagsasa = P1,800
Pundakit to Silanguin = P2,500
BIG BOAT (5 to 10 pax) balikan
Pundakit to CAMARA island = P1500
Pundakit to CAPONES = P2000
Pundakit to Annawangin = P2000
Pundakit to Talesayen = P3000
Pundakit to Nagsasa = P4000
Pundakit to Silanguin = P6000
BIG BOAT 11 pax and ABOVE
Pundakit to CAMARA island = P150/head
Pundakit to CAPONES = P200/head
Pundakit to Annawangin = P200/head
Pundakit to Talesayen = P300/head
Pundakit to Nagsasa = P400/head
Pundakit to Silanguin = P600/head
NOTE: All passenger will be issued with a lifjacket.
Tent 3 person = P250
4 person = P300
6 person = P500

At kung may gusto pa po kayong malaman o katanungan ay maaari nio po kaming tawagan o itx sa 09172022692 a t hanapin po si DINDO or LIEZEL…. salamat po and GOD BLESS….

Anonymous said...

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dindo said...

We offer package tours and non-package tours for:
5.)Capones island and
6.) Camara island
Mura at kayang kaya….Inquire na

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Denz Cruz said...

Special Promo Anawangin Package
San Antonio, Zambales
P1,599 per person 2 days 1 night


Sample Itinerary:
First day
Manila Departure Time: 2 am (Pick up point at McDonalds 24 hours in front of trinoma near SM North)
San Antonio Market, Zambales Arrival Time: 5:30 am (buy foods, seafoods etc)
Brgy. Pundaquit Arrival Time : 6:30 am
Island Hopping
Pundaquit going to Camara Island: 7 am to 8:30 am
Camara to Capones Island (Option of Lighthouse trek or Snorkeling) : 8:30 am to 10 am
Capones to Anawangin: 10 am to 10:30 am
Stay in Anawangin (Swimming, Free time, Overnight stay)

Second Day
Swimming, Free time
Trekking to Hilltop: 9:00 am
Anawangin Departure Time: 4pm
Pundaquit Departure Time: 5pm
Manila Arrival Time: 9:00 pm

Manila to Zambales transport (airconditioned)
Zambales to Manila transport (airconditioned)
Island Hopping to( Anawangin, Camara, Capones Island)
Entrance Fee/Overnight Stay Fee
Trekking to Hilltop
Snorkeling or Trekking to Lighthouse
Snorkeling Gear
Set of Bonfire
Ice Bucket with Ice
Charcoal (Uling for cooking)
Grill, Caserole, Laddle, Pitcher,
Free Use of Camp Tables/ Chairs
2 Distilled Water (5 gallons each)

For Inquiries and Travel Arrangement you may contact us at or Landline (02) 267-6232 or Mobile +639194082629 / +639328474466. Our Facebook account is

Anonymous said...

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Artesia Springs said...

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Artesia Springs said...

are you worried about the local water bottle supply in san antonio for your office or home or some party then you dont have to worry anymore just come to Artesia Springs and your all problem regarding water supply will be solved.

dindo said...

Package Promos
Anawangin - Capones
4-8 pax = 550/head
9-above = 500/head
4-8 pax = 650/head
9 - above = 600/head
Nagsasa - Anawangin - Capones
4-8 pax = 750/head
9-above = 700/head
4-8 = 800/head
9-above = 750/head
-Entrance fee
For reservation and inquires, CALL or TEXT as at 09172022692/09995959623 and look for DINZEL

dindo said...


Minimum of 10 pax
Anawangin Packages = P1200/head
Anawangin - Capones - Camara packages = P1300/head

Nagsasa package = 1400/head
Nagsasa - Capones package = 1450/head

Silanguin package = 1500/head
Silanguin - Capones = 1550/ head

Talisayen package = 1300/head
Talisayen - Capones = 1350/head

Package inclusions:
1) Van transfer (manila - Zambales - manila)
2) Boat ride
3) Entrance fee for overnight stay
4) Tent
5) Ice
6) Water
7) Bonfire
8) Cooler
9) Cooking utensils
10) Shower before and after

For further inquires,
Contact details:
Contact Person: Dinzel
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